Running out of time

Good news – I slayed the paper mountain with very little blood loss.
Bad news – it’s 9:30 pm and I haven’t started packing.

Last week in a nutshell: fun, fun, fun. And tiring. But fun. Big, big thanks to all the librarians who did the hard work, and the kids who made the week so special. I met a lot of people that I shall remember for a very long time.

Tomorrow the plane takes me to Ohio. I’m speaking at Timken HS in Canton, OH on Monday and traveling on Tuesday. I’ll be at the Columbus School for Girls on Wed, and the Columbus Metro Library on Thursday. Because the plane schedules are weird, I can’t fly home until early Friday.

This whole month is going to be a blur, I swear. Thank goodness BH is doing my laundry!!!

I’ll try to be better about updating this week, I promise. I hope I’ll have something more interesting to say than ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz……

Off to pack.

4 Replies to “Running out of time”

  1. How did I miss this? You’re going to be in Ohio…in COLUMBUS, and I’ve totally missed it. Of course, I could show up at the library, but I work until 5:30. Sadness. 🙁

    Enjoy the state! The weather is supposed to be at least marginally good.

  2. well that’s good news

    you made it through paper mountain you deserve a medal! and with very little blood loss to boot it should be an olympic sport

  3. I just read that your visit to Moravian on the 18th is open to the public. I got excited and started bouncing off the walls; bounce, bounce, bounce. They’re also going to be showing Speak immediately previous to your speech/thing, which i have somehow not seen yet; and on that note, i feel obliged to say, Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart; and i am very much looking forward to the 18th.

    OK, C U – best of luck w/ the travel ‘n’at!

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