The madness marches on..

Duke lost? Duke lost! OMG. And Gonzaga lost, too. I didn’t stay up late enough for that game, but I saw Adam Morrison’s press conference on TV this morning, and I have to say, I am developing a wicked crush on the guy. He played his heart out and his team lost. He took responsibility, saying “I missed the shots.”

But the best moment? With the game over, Morrison in a heap on the court, heart broken, UCLA team celebrating, Arron Afflalo of UCLA stopped. He went over to Morrison to comfort him. A few teammates joined him. Here is what Morrison said about the moment. “They had enough guts as a man to come over in their moment of victory, pick somebody up off the floor. If I could thank them, I would. That’s just a sign of great people and great players. It’s more than basketball.”

So now I have a crush on Arron Afflalo, too, and the entire UCLA team. If Georgetown can’t make it, I’m rooting for the classy guys from California.

I holed up in my hotel room yesterday and wrote, venturing out for sushi twice. It will be more of the same today, except I’m having lunch with a West Coast buddy.

If you live in LA and have nothing to do, come join me in Cerritos. I’m speaking at the Cerritos Public Library tonight at 7pm. Call (562) 916-1342 for more information. (Yes, I’ll be speaking while Georgetown is playing. Mom always said life wasn’t fair.)

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  1. Catalyst

    We were learning about catalyst this week in Chemisry and it had me thinking about the book the whole time! to tell you the truth Catalyst was the reason I decided to take chemistry.

  2. Re: Catalyst

    WOW!!!!!!!!! That is such a huge compliment – thanks!

    (gulp.. it’s also something of a responsibility. I sure hope you enjoy the class. Chemistry rocks.)

  3. Madness Marches On

    Yes, but Texas is still alive.
    Shifting gears, could you give us your opinion of Sonya Hartnett’s book Surrender? I’m the YA book selection person for our (Abingdon, Va.) library and I’m debating if I want to spend my last $15. on it. Thanks, Will

  4. Re: Catalyst

    Yeah I even told the teacher about the book but he was all busy talking about how a catalyst helps lower the activation energy of a reaction and how a catalyst is almost like the fans who cheer the team on during an important game because it encourages them. I thought it was a good example Oh and we fixed the tutoring in school it’s going to be starting first period on Monday. Isn’t that great?

  5. Geaux Tigers!!! My family and I were stunned and happy that LSU took out Duke. Gotta show some love for Glenn Davis and Darrell Mitchell (two great players, and two non-averaged basketball-sized players).

    Here’s hoping they take out Texas.

  6. The thing I do not like about morrison is he trashed talked the last two teams he played. It has to be really bad if the team complains about he trash talking.

  7. That game was such a heartbreaker. (As was the West Virginia one!) And though I think UCLA’s still overrated (Gonzaga totally outplayed them and yet could not get a call for the last ten minutes), I like the story about Afflalo. Maybe I’ll root for them after all. Though right now all I’ve got left to like is LSU, I think, and I didn’t know I liked them until they trounced Duke yesterday!


    I wish I was in LA so I go to that library. I find you so fascinating, and love your writing. you literally ‘speak’ volumes to me.

    any chance you’ll ever be in the north east library circuit?


  9. I don’t keep up with sports anymore, but when I was a youth, I was a Bruins fan! Go BRUINS! (with half-hearted apologzies to my midguided but beloved sister, Gail, and friend, – Trojan fans.) I’m so proud of the UCLA team! 🙂

  10. NO! You cant be a Georgetown fan…

    I am a lifelong Gator fan so I am sitting here nervously awaiting the game while watching the crazy BC/Nova game.

    The fact that LSU beat Duke made my day. I saw LSU play in Jacksonville last weekend and we stand a better chance if we ever have to play them in this tournament again then we would Duke. Plus they are part of the SEC so its good for our conference.

    Nova just one so now I am really nervous….lol…

    Go Gators!

  11. cool

    wow. i think its so cool that you have a journal! this is my first time here, but i think im going to become a regular…i mean, u really are laurie halse anderson..right? lol cuz if ur not than id feel stupid lol so. yah love ur books. i think ive become a regular fan 😛 like everyone else, i fell in love with speak lol ive read fever twice and im reading prom right now. ive been, like hunting ur books down with the help of the school librarian. weve become friends (but i dont think u would care lol) so, i think its really cool u have a website lol so i guess i’ll ttyl, since im a new regular lol

  12. Adam Morrison

    Oh, yes I also have a wild crush on Adam Morrison and I am a happily
    married woman!

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