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ANA and MIA and ED want to kill you – an overdue post

Tweet  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a lot of interaction, via social media and email, with people who are struggling with eating disorders. The time has come for us all to get righteously angry. Myself, I have moved past anger to that steel-eyed, axe-sharpening, calm place of volcanic rage.
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The UK Responds to WINTERGIRLS

Tweet I was talking to some friends last weekend about how much pain reviews can cause. Even the good ones can hurt because writers are mostly neurotic and we will find the phrase or the one word that is less than complimentary and then we obsess about that word until we’ve driven ourselves into a […]
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WINTERGIRLS crosses the pond

TweetI am still playing catch-up with a few things (not helped by this morning’s -25 temperature), but am getting to the bottom of my to-do list. Here’s a Big Item. WINTERGIRLS is now available in the United Kingdom!!! Here’s a book trailer I made for our friends across the pond.    
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The Community That Speaks and Listens

Tweet I baked on Monday night. It was a shocking event. When my kids were little, I used to bake a lot, but as life got busy, it slipped off the priority list. But the writer’s group was coming to my house on Tuesday, and I wanted to do something nice. Why did I make […]
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WFMAD Day 26 – Wild Spirits Soaring

Tweet Two quick reviews for you: Reading Rants weighs in on FORGE and WINTERGIRLS reviewed in Colorado. How did your writing go yesterday? Mine floooowed. Like creekwater after a thunderstorm. Sugar pouring from a blue china bowl. Like round hips swaying under a loose skirt to a hot salsa trumpet. Seriously. It was that good. […]
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WFMAD Day 25 – great books to read & vote for

Tweet First – congrats to my friend David Macinnis Gill on the publication of his new book, BLACK HOLE SUN!! I got to read an early copy and here is what I said about it: “Black Hole Sun grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go until the last page. In the best tradition […]
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Wintergirls coming to the UK!!

TweetLots of people ask me how much influence authors have on their covers. The truth is (at least for me) not a lot. I have raised a few objections now and then and have always been patted gently on the head and told to leave these things to the experts and while I’m at it, […]
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Garden season starts and overseas books arrive

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Crazy Love

Tweet(Announcement: I am preparing another vlog. What questions do you want answered? End of announcement)(And now we return to our regularly scheduled blog) Seriously? Sarah Hale is the answer to your Women’s History month needs. Ask Bonnie Jacobs.What else do we have in here,….. ::rummages:: ah, yes! A lovely WINTERGIRLS review from Norway.And much appreciated nods from […]
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Champagne in the Forest

TweetWhy are we having champagne so early? Because my assistant Queen Louise has been working here (and vastly improving our lives) for one entire year!! ALL HAIL QUEEN LOUISE!!!In addition, we are celebrating the publication of WINTERGIRLS in Australia and Norway (where it is called VINTERJENTER). A small version of the Australian cover. The picture […]
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