Need a last minute gift? Or some snow?

We’ve had about 8 inches of snow in the last couple of hours, with more on the way. It is officially a Snow Day in the Forest!

The dogs are loving it!

Truth be told, I am, too. As soon as I get the day’s writing done, I’m going to shift into decorating mode. Might make some onion soup, too, using the last of my gardens onions.

I suspect some of you might be snowed in, as well. Others are wishing they were. And a whole lot of you are not-exactly-working because you are shopping. Last minute shopping. Last minute shopping on the Internet.

What to give your favorite book geek? How about a Mad Woman in the Forest tee-shirt?

that tells everyone to Speak Loudly!

Or, given that its snowing right now, maybe a sweatshirt?

You can find all of this at the Mad Woman In the Forest Shop!

Thor and Kezzie say thank you!!