Need a last minute gift? Or some snow?

We’ve had about 8 inches of snow in the last couple of hours, with more on the way. It is officially a Snow Day in the Forest!

The dogs are loving it!

Truth be told, I am, too. As soon as I get the day’s writing done, I’m going to shift into decorating mode. Might make some onion soup, too, using the last of my gardens onions.

I suspect some of you might be snowed in, as well. Others are wishing they were. And a whole lot of you are not-exactly-working because you are shopping. Last minute shopping. Last minute shopping on the Internet.

What to give your favorite book geek? How about a Mad Woman in the Forest tee-shirt?

that tells everyone to Speak Loudly!

Or, given that its snowing right now, maybe a sweatshirt?

You can find all of this at the Mad Woman In the Forest Shop!

Thor and Kezzie say thank you!!


6 Replies to “Need a last minute gift? Or some snow?”

  1. Happy Snow Day!

    It looked like Thor was getting the upper hand in the first photo, but in the last photo he looks like he just got white-washed. Go Kezzie.

  2. Snow Day in the Forest looks awesome!! Hope you’re having lots of fun.

    Please please PLEASE find a way to make your lovely sweatshirts and tee-shirts available for shipping to the UK, because I’d REALLY like to buy one for my book geek friend…*ahem*, I mean, myself.

    All the best, and Happy Christmas!

  3. We’re iced and snowed in here and Puppy adores romping in the snow, while Adult Dog is wary of the cold stuff which, like water, is obviously plotting his death.

    Adorable dog pics (I do love me some cute doggieness). And I like the sweatshirt!

  4. That looks about like my house. When the dogs go out to play, we can only see them for a second before they disappear into the snow. They jump, and we see their heads; then they’re gone again. Ahhh, life in NY state is awesome!

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