12 Replies to “Absurd truth”

  1. TWISTED is available in paperback today!!!!!!

    I’ve run through three copies already this year, so this will be a help to my finances. (:

  2. Speaking of Twisted, didn’t you say that Tyler was partially based on a character from Shakespeare? I’m still trying to figure out who it is… I imagine it’s a character who’s been wrongly accused of something? Can you give me a hint?

    P.S. Maybe I am hallucinating this and you never said it had anything to do with Shakespeare.


      1. Thanks! I don’t why I was thinking Shakespeare… must have been thinking of a different book.

  3. Hello, am new here. Just found this last night. My library brought in copies of Twisted and Prom. Finished Twisted within a day. Gonna get my own copies.

      1. No problem.

        Been a fan of yours since about two months ago. I have read all your stuff so far except Catalyst. Speak was really cool. Loved the movie too.

        You should try your hand at writing books with a thicker plot and longer storylines.

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