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Seventh grade…again

TweetYesterday I had the chance to go back to junior high, only now they call it a middle school, and next year they change it again to a K-8 configuration. Levy. On Fellows Avenue in Syracuse. This was not as traumatic as revisiting my high school was. For one thing, I went to Levy with […]
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Words to write by

TweetToday is the birthday of two of my favorite authors: Louisa May Alcott and Madeline L’Engle. Madeline said many interesting and important things, but one of my favorite quotes is this one: “You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you […]
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Proud to be nominated!

TweetThe Cybil nominations are complete! I am very proud and happy that TWISTED is one of the 123 books nominated in the robust and rowdy YA Fiction category. “What are the Cybils?” you ask. The Cybils were created to be “a literary competition that combined the freewheeling democracy of the Internet with the thoughtfulness of […]
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Hot Topic – Push Button With Care

TweetWow – yesterday’s post generated 76 LJ comments overnight. I think that may be a record. They are fascinating to read through. Thank you everyone for sharing your opinion about this. After dinner last night, I wrote back to her. I decided that this was indeed a “teachable moment” and if I was going to […]
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How not to write an author

TweetTeachers – here is an email that came into my MySpace account on Sunday afternoon. I have not altered it one bit except to put quotations around it. “hi my names courtney. and 1st i would like to say thanks so much for aprovin me. :] i have this english report and we had to […]
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I am thankful for…

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Final ALAN pics, thoughts & NYC observations

TweetI would like to say for the record that I am not a workaholic. Even though I am posting this on Thanksgiving morning, I am not crazy. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday so that various offspring could climb over to other branches on the family tree today. BH and I and the kids were going to […]
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Author stalks other authors & teachers – photo evidence

TweetMostly pictures from yesterday in this entry – busy, busy morning!!!!
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ALAN begins!!!

TweetSo I don’t have any photos from last night’s reception because a gremlin hid my camera. (I found it this morning in a place I looked ten times last night.) The party was loads of fun and a bunch of teachers promised to send me pictures. I hung out at ALAN most of today, camera […]
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TweetYesterday was a very, very intense day. Wonderful, every single minute of it, but wicked intense. I feel like an apple that was peeled with a dull knife and left on the counter overnight. It’s weird because I used to be a profoundly shy person, and then I learned how to be brave and extroverted, […]
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