Update on that update

I am home for a few days and not drowning in the backlog of mail, thanks to the gloriousness that is Queen Louise. Plus, she’ll totally organized the office in my absence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes. I would take a bullet for La Queen.)

The, erm, somewhat frantic news is that I have to repack my suitcase because I leave again THIS FRIDAY, at 6am, for LIMA PERU.


Another country. Another continent.

Right. I should have my head examined. I think Queen Louise is organizing that.

So I am in triage mode, trying to make sure that the things which Absolutely Must Be Done get done by Thursday night. And there are a couple more interviews I have scheduled, not to mention an itty-bitty basketball game tonight.

(Which, btw, I can’t lose. IF UNC wins, I’ll be happy for Sarah Dessen and cheer on her boys. I already lost our bet, so what’s another loss? If Michigan wins, I’ll be even happier.)

If all the critical things can get done, I’ll post a tour recap to the blog, and a couple of fun pictures. This was hands-down the most fun and the busiest tour I’ve ever had. Thanks a million to all who made it such an adventure!!!

And thanks to all for buying WINTERGIRLS – it has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for two weeks in a row!!!! W00T!!!!!!