And about that suitcase…

Given that many of you will soon be packing for end-of-year travels, I thought I’d let you know how my experiment with travelling lightly went.

(You remember – I only took a carry-on for my five week book tour. Details here.)

In a word – fantastic!!

It helped that all of my travels were complete before the snow started to fly. And that the clothes I brought rolled up tiny. I would like to nominate the person who invented Dri-Fit fabric for a Nobel prize in something. In everything.

I did have laundry done in a couple hotels, which was expensive, but not as expensive as checking a suitcase on every flight would have been.

But I will never again hesitate to bring only the bare minimum. It was very freeing, physically and mentally, to travel so lightly.

A couple of you wondered where I got the suitcase and the purse that turned out to be so incredibly durable and easy to clean. Plus they looked cool. I bought them at Sherpani. In addition to being the best bags I’ve ever owned, they are largely made from recycled materials.

Travel lightly, my friends!



Road Warrior

Some people have asked about my decision to travel with only a carry-on on this tour. So far, it’s going great.

It helps that I am not terribly fussy about my clothes. I’m wearing dri-fit yoga pants on the tour, with a dryfit black tee-shirt topped by a shirt which is, I hope, more or less presentable. I wear my running shoes on the plane because they are bulky, and switch to my custom Converse for tour events.

packing cubes are the best!

This is everything. My clothes are in the packing cubes. The black thing front left is a portable nebulizer – can’t go anywhere without that. I have to put that, the iPad, my toiletries and meds and shoes in the buckets at airport security screenings. They ALWAYS pull out the nebulizer for a special going-over. Not sure why. I also have water bottle, belt, and hat for running.



see - it fits! In a very clown-car-esque manner, everything fits in the carry-on and rather large purse. (My stuff is from Sherpani, if you are interested.)

I have the chance a couple times on tour to get my laundry done. The reason I am wearing mostly dri-fit stuff is that I can wash and dry it quickly in between official laundry visits. Which might be too much information. But a number of you have written and asked.

This week I’ll be in the mountains of NY and VT, and in Boston. I head for NYC next weekend. And pretty much the entire country after that.

I am visiting schools every day. You can see me at the public events in the afternoon or evening. Here is this week’s line-up:

Monday night in Glens Fall, NY.

Tuesday in Lake Placid, NY.

Wednesday in Burlington, VT, at The Flying Pig!

Thursday at the Brookline, MA Library.

and Friday in Wellesley, MA.

Will I see you there?