Sources, Milestones & Goals… oh, my

There is so much spinning going on in the world of American politics, you’d think they’d all be nauseous by now. I know I am.

The one thing that writing historical fiction has taught me is that layers of interpretation can quickly distort a fact into a myth. Add to that the biased media (which swings both ways, folks) and political operatives planting rumor and innuendo in email blasts and via political blogs, and you wind up with a very confused voting public.

I imagine a board room full of the people trying to manipulate us screaming “Yes! That’s the point, you twit!”

Cite your sources. It’s the phrase we hear in school, it’s how you make convincing arguments with friends, and if you’re writing a historical novel and you’re challenged on a point, it’s how you defend your writing. This election I am using to wipe the distortion off of my politics. How are you seeking the truth about this election?

I finally hit a long-sought after milestone while running last night. It’s been a while since I dragged out the Resolution Tracker, so let’s have a look.

2008 Resolution Tracker
Week 36 – Miles Run: 12.25, YTD: 501.8
Week 36 – Days Written: 7, YTD: 252

12 days until the Philadelphia Distance Run
42 days until the release of CHAINS and my book tour
71 days until NCTE/ALAN

This is Day 253 of 2008. There are 112 days until the end of the year.

Yep. I’ve run 501.8 miles this year. My original goal was to run 1,000 miles, but the injuries that cropped up this summer proved I wasn’t ready for that. So I adjusted. It’s really hard to find time to run on book tour, so if I can sneak in another 100 miles by the end of the year, I’ll be happy.

How are your resolutions faring? How have you adjusted your goals?