WFMAD Day 4 – It’s in the details

How’s it going? Have you written every day this month? Fallen off the wagon yet?

If you have, do not despair. All is forgiven as long as you write for fifteen minutes today.

Where are you writing? Is it the same place every day? Is is a spot where other things – besides writing – happen?

Check out the creative spaces of these fantasy and science fiction authors.


Today’s advice:
When you carve out a physical place for your writing or art, it validates the space you are trying to carve out in your mind. When you treat your work with respect, other people will, too.


Today’s prompt: Describe your writing space. Focus on the smallest details possible, not the big ones. Don’t say there is a chair in the room; give details about the wear patterns of the rug under the chair, or the paint chips, or the dog hair in the cushion. Go small to tell big.

If you don’t have a writing space yet, describe your dream space.