WFMAD Day 16 – Going green

I’m headed to the farmer’s market in search of peaches and horseradish. Find someplace cool today and scribble!


Today’s advice: "The scariest moment is always just before you start." Stephen King


Today’s prompt: The seven deadly sins are so useful. I have picked one of them out of the hat for you to ponder and write wildly about.

Before I announce Today’s Sin (which is a rather fun concept), get your character in the right place. Ummmm…. let’s put her in the middle of August, vacationing with family. It could be at Cape Cod, or a lake in Michigan or camping, at her grandmother’s place, visiting an aunt in a city, or staying home to babysit for the neighbors because since her dad was laid off there is no money for anything.

Her mindset at the beginning of the passage should be triumphant, in-control. She owns her world.

And then The Sin shows up. It can arrive in the form of another person, an object, a situation, or a bit of gossip.

Try not write something like "She was feeling [insert sin-modifier adverb]." SHOW the reader that her soul is being eaten by this sin by her behavior. Start subtle and go large.

And Today’s Favorite of the Seven Deadly Sins is….

(Yes, it’s another one of those damn scroll-down prompts…..)

(You know you love them…..)

(You let the dog out already, right?)