laughing in the face of a blizzard

Group One of our College Horde arrived safely last night. Group Two should be here by lunch. Our plan is to feed them a pound of sugar each, then hand over all the Yuletide decorations and let them deck the halls.

We are expecting 25 people for the family Christmas dinner (a little early this year because of various schedules) on Sunday. We are also expecting a blizzard on Sunday, with several feet of snow and 50 mph winds from the Arctic. I foresee half a ton of extra food lingering in our fridge for weeks.

Remember the mass of yarn I was untangling at NCTE? Project finished!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I made fingerless gloves because it gets a little chilly in my loft.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARYN NOVEMBER!!!! Go tell her thank you for being such a great editor and helping her authors produce fabulous books!