Back home in the country

Got in from the funeral last night…. it sounds strange to say it, but it really was wonderful. People from all different parts of Pop-Pop’s life turned out to honor his memory and that was a comfort to his family. A good life filled with love and service, and a good death. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Stef came back with us for a few days which means if she ever wakes up this morning, we’ll enjoy the last round of Christmas gift exchanging. Wake up, Steffie!!!!

Are you one of those women who hates looking at magazine covers because the models all seem inhumanely perfect and it feels like they are setting a standard that us normal chicks will never meet? It is all a lie. (Thanks, Stef, for the link.)

BH has gone to get the Creature With Fangs out of the Doggie Hotel. (We use Paws and Effect in Oswego, NY – we highly recommend them, if you need a place for your critter.) She has the fangs under control now… she needs a new name. I’ll work on that. I’m also working on my resolution. Will post that tomorrow.