My unique talent

Our house sits atop a small hill that is covered with sugar maple trees. You know what this means, don’t you?

Sticks. Millions and millions of sticks.

BH is a man of many talents. He can build just about anything, fix most everything else, and run every power tool ever made. He does most of the serious work around here. Me? I can daydream and read real fast. You know what that means, don’t you?

I am the Official Stick Picker-Upper in our family. So that’s what I did today instead of going to the gym.

I have decided that we have shameless, wanton trees who shed their sticks with perverse abandon. I am convinced that all of the other maple groves in the area are inhabited by prim and proper trees who know how to hold on to all their bits in a stiff wind.

Finally… my resolutions

The fact that I am twelve days late figuring out what my resolutions are should give the reader some insight into my current state of chaos.

::shakes head with world-weariness and self-loathing::

Here we go:

1. I resolve to make all deadlines in 2006. This includes deadlines for books, articles, publicity requests, timely email and fanmail responses, and returning my library books on time.
2. I resolve to work ten hours a day until I get caught up on everything I am behind on so I can accomplish Resolution #1.
3. I resolve to read more for fun.

That’s enough. I can never remember more than three things at any given time.

The weather has been totally weird here. The temperature has been in the high thirties and forties. I am not amused. I like winter. If I wanted to see mud and grass in January, I would have stayed in Philly. I need a blizzard, something that will snow us in for four or five days. I want to use my snow shoes. And I am sure my family wants me to stop whining about this, so will the joker who moved the jet stream too far to the south please put it back where it belongs? Some people, I swear.