From the Lips of a Library God

I went to my school board meeting last night where I was encouraged to hear that the superintendent is revisiting the earlier decision to cut library positions. Will be attending all meetings to make sure that he and the board follow through on this wise choice.


Neil Gaiman says "libraries are as important as they have ever been, and they may be more important than they have ever been." Read the whole interview by Himself.  He did a live gig from a library in Kentucky earlier in the week, but I haven’t found an archive of it yet. While I’m searching you can watch this clip and listen to his advice to young writers.

Then read why Google does not and cannot replace librarians.

Here’s another way you can make the world better today: participate in the Guys Lit Wire and Operation Teen Book Drop.

Connected to absolutely nothing, except maybe that today is Tax Day in the US, and now that I’ve learned why J K Rowling did not move out of England so she could avoid paying taxes, I like her even more, read what she has to say about a few things.

Have you hugged your librarian yet this week?