WFMAD Day 6 – Temper Tantrums & Do-Overs



So we're almost to the end of the first week of WFMAD 2013 and it has gotten a little quiet around here. People who were so enthusiatic six days ago have dropped off the radar, guilt-laden and sorrowful.

The week after Labor Day is filled with harsh reality as school begins and bosses ramp up expectations. People who promised themselves that they would write for fifteen minutes a day ("How hard can that be?" they wondered) feel crappy because, as turns out, it can be wicked hard.




They feel really bad, and the bad feeling turns into self-loathing and they eat too much pasta with cheap tomato sauce and powdered "cheese" because their life is already overloaded but there are so many WORDS in their head, and characters and feelings, SO many feelings, ALL the feelings, and they want to write but goddamn life is complicated and too busy and how the hell does ANYBODY ever write a book?

I understand.

Life got in the way of my writing this week, too. 

I had my schedule perfectly balanced between working on my first draft and researching the swamps of South Carolina in the 18th century and taking care of my dad and exercise and cooking and appointments and …. then for a lot of boring reasons my best-laid plans fell apart and one day I didn't write. Not even for fifteen minutes.



I went throught the Stages of Writer Loss: sadness, more sadness, chocolate, self-hatred, fear of having to become an accountant, and then




Because  I had done it to myself and I couldn't un-do it. Worse, a few more unexpected things cropped up and threw off my schedule for the next few days. Then I really got upset.


Do you know the feeling?

But there is always hope. Opportunity, even. This morning I sat down with my schedule, moved some items, cancelled a few more and blocked out writing time that will not be violated unless someone I love starts bleeding from an artery.


You can choose to beat yourself up about a lost or missed writing session, or you can call for a do-over and use your energy to write. Taking a do-over and moving on will make you happier, I promise. So if you haven't written as much this week as you hoped, it's OK. All is forgiven. Your Muse is patiently waiting and the creative world is cheering you on. I am, too.




Non-fiction prompt – Describe a perfect day that would combine everything you have to do and everything you want to do, including writing. What changes can you make this week that will get you a step or two closer to being able to enjoy days like that? 

Fiction prompt – Your character hates cats and is secretly a little bit afraid of them. But s/he is in love with a person who has a mean, nasty old cat. In the hopes of getting to spend more time with Love Interest, your character has offered to come over and help Love Interest get a pill down the horrible cat's mouth. Describe the scene from the moment that Love Interest places the wretched cat in your character's lap.


Fifteen minutes spent writing today could change your entire life.

scribble… scribble… scribble 


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