Art Is All – WFMAD Day 29

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When people find out how busy the last fifteen years have been for me, they are often confused.

“How did you find time to write all those books?” is the common question.

The answer is simple.

I turned off the television.

I’m not an anti-TV vigilante. I’ve always had a television.  I got cable when they started televising professional women’s basketball. Every once in a while I’ll be hooked by a series (Game of Thrones) and Beloved Husband and I will make the time to watch it, though rarely when it is first aired.

We have one television in our house. It’s in the basement, in the man cave. We mostly use it to watch sports.

If you love television, that’s awesome. I don’t judge. Maybe it works for you. Maybe it feeds your Muse. Maybe you are one of those people who can pound out three pages an hour watching Dancing With The Stars. 


If you are one of those people who is always bummed out because you don’t have enough time to write, then count up how many hours of television you watched last week. Did you love each one? Were they all worth an hour of your life? If you could go back and unwatch them, and use those hours for writing, how much time would you get back?


Today’s Quote

“The days you work are the best days.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

Today’s prompt: Write out an estimate of how you spend the 24 hours of each day. How much do you sleep? Spend with family? Work the day job? Errands, laundry, organizing your sock drawer, etc.? How much time do you spend writing? How many hours do you watch television or movies? How much time to you spend goofing around on the Internet?



6 Replies to “Art Is All – WFMAD Day 29”

  1. An iPad is pretty distracting, too. Sometimes I purposely leave it in another room and work on my favorite blank journal and pen. Oh, and a colored pencil, too. Just letting it flow, letting go. Just for long enough… Some days it’s hard to stop. 🙂

    Do you miss your characters when the book is done? Do they introduce other characters to you at the end, or do they sleep until you open the galleys?


  2. So true! I get so much writing done because I don’t watch tv. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a show. People always ask me how I get so much done with four kids…and I always reply, “I don’t watch tv.”

  3. I don’t write fiction in the time saved, but your family and mine are much of a mind when it comes to TV. An excellent tool, a terrible master.

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