Don’t Think – WFMAD Day 5

 You know the problem with writers? We think too damn much.

We over-analyze and worry about character arcs and rising and falling plot action and what is hot in the market today and will my dog still love me if I don’t get an agent and on… and on… and on…

Most of that worry is an avoidance technique. Writing is scary and we’re never sure if we’re doing it right and it is much easier to fret than to write.


The voices will speak to you if you quiet your mind enough to hear them.


Today’s Quote

“Writing begins with getting words down on screen or paper. See movie in your head-scene or memory. Type up details like court reporter.”

Anne LaMott


Today’s Prompt: Go to the Washington Post or the newspaper of your choice and choose a story from the front page that, for whatever reason, really strikes a chord in your heart. Read the story through twice, then put it away. Don’t look at it again.

Write a scene connected to that article. Put your character in the middle of the action. The character can be someone who was actually mentioned in the article, or – more interesting! – make the character someone who has a strong emotional connection to the people in the article. Or insert yourself into the middle of the action and write a scene.


  Scribble… scribble… scribble…

9 Replies to “Don’t Think – WFMAD Day 5”

  1. Still with you in the writing, but I couldn’t follow the prompt today. Didn’t feel I could do justice to the people in the articles I read, so I went off on my own. I know. I was thinking too much.

  2. Heh. I had a question today. It was about dialog, and how I have absolutely certainly no idea of the “correct” way to write it. And then I read your post.
    Very helpful; thanks, Laurie!

  3. I was very disappointed with myself when, at Day 2, after sitting in bed at 11.00pm with a notebook page with, in place of my 15 minutes of writing, a drawing of a character I’d hoped to craft a scene from and other doodles of seemingly little significance, I gave up and wrote nothing. So far, at the beginning of Day 6 I have completed 2/5 days and I convinced myself that was okay because forcing myself to write was neither creating good writing nor making me feel particularly good about myself.

    Then I realised that, instead of not trying on some days, if I try and no words come, that is fine. But instead I am going to document this month’s writing patterns and jot down, in instances where I can’t write, I am uninspired. Am I overthinking? Am I at a brick wall in my own life that has hence erected a wall in my creative life? Am I just too tired to “not think” and “just write”? I think once I do this I might be able to understand my methods or motives (or lack of them) a little better – I think then I might naturally form a regular writing pattern instead of writing only when either inspired or frantically as I try and move forwards with my projects.

    WFMAD is certainly sparking my Muse, though. This morning (at 6.24am) is the second morning I’ve had to get up before my alarm to scribble down notes from a dream that was interesting enough to craft a scene or story from. This almost never happens, and as a consequence I have written/will write about topics that aren’t necessarily what I would typically focus on. Which is a step in the right direction, I reckon; it might broaden my horizons or make me write outside the boxes I try and keep myself in.

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