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  1. I’ve been in the unfortunate position of hearing some really bad advice for women who’ve gone through this. In response to the linked, informative article, here’s something NOT to do if you’ve been a victim:

    Don’t let someone, usually male, tell you not to be angry, not to show anger, not to express your anger. While it’s important not to do anything that will hinder progress, that will prevent you from moving on, it’s also important not to allow yourself to desensitize your psyche. What happened was despicable, and you are allowed to feel that way. Don’t let someone tell you it’s not. Be angry; be very angry. But don’t let that anger get in the way of you moving on with your life. While it’s important to not let your emotions make you explode in life, it is equally important not to let those emotions make you implode in life. And you’ll never totally “get over it,” so don’t let someone, usually male, tell you to “get over it.” He’s never been through it.

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