Staying warm and inspired

We take the phrase “Christmas season” literally here in the Forest. The decorations are finally coming down today. In a lame attempt at our defense, we had Christmas visitors until last Sunday.

The snow is deep, the wood is dry, the dogs are cuddly. Much of life now is hunkering down for serious reading and writing.

Like oldest daughter Stef is doing here.






People have begun to order sweatshirts from the Mad Woman in the Forest Store. These sweatshirts keep you warm AND have magic threads of inspiration woven into them. Don’t believe me?


We sent a sweatshirt to aspiring author and musician Rebecca (seen above) in the UK and she credits it with helping her compose the original song she’s playing in this video. (I do love this song, don’t you?)

What am I doing to stay inspired? Reading poetry. Swimming (indoor pool, thank you). Running. Free-writing.

What are you doing to stay inspired this winter?

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  1. The pictures of our town of 2500 are at the bottom of teh WebSite. I’m the red house with the leaves in the fall. Sheep and chickens on the left of the picture. (don’t look because you can’t see them, just their sheds)

    I’m 66 reading “Chains” Have grandchildren getting older. First will be ten this year.

    Skiing: Last summer I mowed a hill on the neighbor’s vacant land. Every morning with or without the dogs depending on the temp, I put on my X-country skis and do the hill six times. Takes twenty minutes. I’m awake by then. Oh, I should add that I live South West of you, hour south of Rochester. I feel so blessed in our isolation.

    I have ordered a headlight to ski in the dark when my two year old granddaughter is coming for the day at 7:15 am. I’m scared of the resident bear so want light.

  2. Gorgeous song, reminds me of Jane Austen’s time. Bravo, Rebecca!

    I’m focusing to stay inspired: reading only middle grade books as I remain on one of my middle grade novels. I also taunt my daughter with glimpses of this same book, a manuscript that inspired her to name her fish after my main character. She so wants me to be published, almost as much as me. 🙂

  3. Ahh, my face is on your blog! *blushes*

    I’m glad you like the song, Laurie, and I hope my video being there will encourage others to wear their Mad Woman clothing whilst waiting upon their muse.

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