Old Week Ends, New Week Begins

Banned Books Week is over. I wish I could report on the status of Wes Scroggins’ challenge in Republic, MO, but I have not been able to get official notification of  what is going on. There is a school board meeting later this month. Perhaps they’ll post something in the minutes.

There are a few more links I’d like to share with you. Popmatters ran a long interview with me. And Random House posted the wisdom about censorship from four giants in children’s literature: Judy Blume, Robert Cormier, Zilpha Keatly Snyder, and Lois Lowry.

Now that Banned Books Week is over, many folks will be tempted to tuck the issue away in a small box and revisit it again next year. I understand. It’s hard to keep outrage boiling on high 24/7. I’ve spent the last two weeks responding to this challenge and my other work is sorely overdue for attention.

The books for the libraries in MO will be shipped tomorrow. I will continue to try to contact the superintendent of the district. I haven’t contacted any of the district’s teachers because I figured they were already busy enough with their students and the last thing they needed was me poking my nose into things. It seemed more appropriate to keep my communications with the district limited to the superintendent. Although that sure isn’t working because all my emails have returned as undeliverable (yes, I called the district office to double-check the address) and he hasn’t responded to my letters.

I think the best place for those of you who want to continue the discussion about censorship and First Amendment issues is over at SpeakLoudly.org. I’ll continue to speak up both here and there.

At the same time, I need to turn some of my attention to FORGE. I leave on the book tour in 11 days!!! ARGH!! Must find new tour pants!!

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  1. As a HS teacher in WI – I would LOVE it if an author of a challenged book would call me for support. I would call teachers–

    Also, I am currently reading Speak outloud to my 10th grade English class – I started this the first day of school – I only read for about 5-8 minutes a day. I just read them the part where the reader understands what actually happened to Melanie. I then brought up the “Charges” of Mr. Scroggins – My students did not think what I read was inappropriate or “soft porn”. Students are completely enjoying the book. I have all your other books in my classroom library and am happy to report – all are checked out.

    Have a great Sunday
    Sarah Ogden
    Waupaca, WI

  2. I am surprised you didn’t get a response. I got a response, pathetic as it was, from both the superintendent and the high school principal. “Thank you for your interest and input. Daren” (principal) and “Thank you for sharing your views. Vern B. Minor” (I copied and pasted the responses from their emails.) They probably responded to me because I am a less “threatening” individual, possibly because I would be more willing to accept the generic response. I find this interesting…..

    Hang in there, keep writing and Speaking!

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