Yes, this is the house where Abigail Smith Adams was born and where she lived until she married John Adams. I had goosebumps all day yesterday as I walked around the house, her parents’ gravesites, and was able to touch her father’s Bible.

(This is all for a picture book I’m writing about Abigail. I don’t know when it will come out. It depends on how long the research takes.)

Today I am meeting with a historian and swimming in archival material.

I love research!

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  1. I’m having research-envy. Have a great time! And have you talked titles for this one yet? As soon as you mentioned Abigail, my first thought was “Remember the Ladies!”

    1. That would be a great title, but I am trying to move beyond that phrase with her. This one is going to take a lot more research and pondering!

  2. Very cool. Sounds like some fun research. Abigail Adams is a very cool person and I think you’d do a great job writing about her. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. 🙂

  3. Sounds like so much fun to to go around and see and touch the history! *nerd hat starts to turn green* Have fun and learn lots!!

  4. Lucky girl!

    I’ve been doing some more genealogical research, and found a second connection to Edward Doty – some day, I’ll figure out which degree of cousins you & I are. Meanwhile, I have a bit of guilt over ancestral participation in “King Philip’s War”. I’m sure there’s a story there. The question is whether I want to make the time to find it and write it.

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