Chickens grow right in front of your eyes!

Our chickens are two weeks old and all seem very healthy. Incredibly healthy. In fact, I am wondering if our proximity to the nuclear power plant is influencing their stupendous growth rate.

BH has been slowly turning a pile of scrap lumber into the coop, but some recent chicken test flightsaccelerated the schedule. Below you’ll see a video of random clips filmed when we moved the chickens. The dog was very interested in the entire process.

(Note to chicken experts: this is only one part of the cop. Right now it is in our garage. When we move it outside, it will have roosts and a roof and  a fenced-in yard that will be electrified (solar-powered!) to keep out hungry predators.)

If you are in the mood for a fix of fluff and feathers, enjoy.

10 Replies to “Chickens grow right in front of your eyes!”

  1. Adorable! Love the video blog. 🙂 And the chickens are so big from day one! And I agree with the above comment, your dog really looks like he wants to sample one. Hehe.

  2. So cute and fluffy!!

    and the chicks are cute, too! (yes, I am totally in love with your dog 🙂 Those are some brave chicks, not afraid of Big Bad Wolf at all. Have fun chicken farming!

  3. Tasty and/or productive

    I understand that the best way to not fall in love with your chickens so as to be able to eat their eggs (and meat if desired) is to keep greeting them with: “My don’t you look tasty/productive today!” The less often you substitute “cute”, “adorable”, “precious”, the better. 😛

  4. This hits way too close to home…

    Last year I was a traveling teacher at the high school where I teach (meaning I didn’t have my own classroom, I taught in a different classroom each period). One of the teachers I shared a room with (distant relative, but that’s another story)was the agricultural teacher. Each spring, one of his classes hatched chickens and kept them in the classroom for about one month, then the head guidance counselor took them to raise on his farm. Your video today reminded me of that experience, down to the interesting smells I met at the door each day!

    I was laughing out loud (mind you, I’m sitting in an empty classroom after school) watching your beautiful Creature with Fangs drooling over the chicks. My GSD has many of the same mannerisms, and I could see the longing on your dog’s face. Precious.

    Good luck raising your chicks, you are a brave woman!

  5. My family hatched six little chicks two years ago… the rooster is a little bit on the crabby side but it’s so nice to have a constant supply of fresh, organic eggs! 🙂 Good luck with your little guys.

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