Yep, I’m still here!!

No, I have not dropped off the face of the planet. I’ve just been a bit busy.


You can see me ALL DAY at the Teen Book Festival in Rochester, NY this Saturday.

OR you can read my Book Brahmin interview at Shelf Awareness, in which I answer questions about books.

OR (blushing about this one) you can read this very nice, short piece written about me from the director of the Kalamazoo Public Library.

And if you give me a couple of minutes, I’ll show you what Mother’s Day looked like in the Forest yesterday.

AND you can enjoy this picture of what Mother’s Day looked like in the Forest yesterday.

Truth in advertising: this is a picture from my camp, where we spent the day. It’s about 40 minutes away (and 1000 feet higher) than my house. We did get snow at home, too, for about an hour, but the rain washed it all away.

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  1. Mother’s Day Snow

    It snowed on Mother’s Day the last year I lived at home in Mexico, NY. I miss being there and can’t wait to come home for a visit next month…where it will certainly be a lovely upstate summer!!

  2. Glad You’re Still HERE!

    That is a gorgeous picture! Sometimes the snow is so beautiful- but when you are stuck in it (over a foot of it!) in England and all you want to do is visit London, then it kinda sucks 🙂 Anyway, I wish I could come and see you in NY- I really admire you. I just finished reading Speak, and I have Fever 1793 and Wintergirls in my TBR pile on my bookshelf. I would love to write historical fiction and I even wrote a blog post about it featuring your book ( Were you into history in school too? I teach it right now and love it, but I want to combine my two worlds (history and writing) just like you do! Okay, I’ll stop loving on you now! Really cool post again!

    Marquita Hockaday
    Twitter- @KeeKeeHockaday

  3. “Life is too short to fake anything.” That should be written on the bedroom wall of one of your characters.

    Blessings to all the Ms. X’s in the world, and about Bird by Bird, Writer’s Digest has posted a PDF of their ’96 interview with Lamott here.

  4. Was that a picture of the Forge cover I saw in that interview? Hmm.

    Your YAs I love, your historical fictions I can tolerate (Johnny Tremain mostly killed the genre for me when I was forced to read it in the eighth grade), but what I’d really like to see you write at some point is a book on the writing process. That’s why I like reading this blog. Ever read Stephen King’s On Writing? It’s great, though half of it is semi-autobiographical, at least insofar as it pertains to how his life shaped him into a writer.

  5. The book you’d like to see me write is actually in the works right now. I’ll give more details when I can talk about it.

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