For the record?

It is snowing outside right now.

No, I’m not kidding.

This is why I haven’t transplanted my seedlings yet.

10 Replies to “For the record?”

  1. There’s frozen slush on my skylight so I can’t see what it’s doing. As my mother used to say, “What’s so temperate about the temperate zone?”

  2. It’s snowing here too in Montreal. It’s the best day to have your winter tires taken off. I enjoy the four seasons we get. But Winter always drags on and on…

  3. sorry about the snow.
    congratulations on finishing the half marathon.
    I enjoyed the interview with you.

  4. It’s threatening snow in Maine. This is why we ordered our bees so late in the season. We don’t want to risk freezing new hives. But knock wood, this should be the last of that kind of weather.

  5. So crazy….gotta love spring.

    We’re supposed to be in the 70s/80s today here in Utah but they’re predicting a snow storm tomorrow or Thursday. We keep moving our plants outside for some air/sun/water and then back inside after watching the weather reports.

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