Big Apple

So I’m in NYC now for a mixture of business and fun. Today I’ll be at the offices of Simon & Schuster, tomorrow I’ll be at Penguin, Saturday is a research/family day and Sunday I’ll be running a half-marathon in Central Park.

Monday I limp home.

I have a camera with me. What do you want me to take pictures of? (Leave me a note in Comments or on FB or Twitter.)

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post for the next couple of days. In case you miss me, check out these video interviews with me at AdLit.

Or you can read this article about Kristen Stewart.

Off to change into my city suit of armor….

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  1. Can you take pictures of S&S and Penguin? Even if it’s just thr outside of the building.

  2. Have a great time – take photos of anything uniquely NYC – look for juxtapositions that the city serves up like no other place. Even without your camera, it’ll keep your eye sharp for details and seeing it all new.

    Interesting article about Kristen Stewart. I can’t watch “Speak” since I want to save my own version in my head, and I haven’t watched any Twilight films, but I did just catch her in Mary Stuart Masterton’s “The Cake Eaters,” and her acting was simply stunning.

  3. Pics to Take in NYC

    Since our friend Lynda Mullaly Hunt, my co-coordinator at Whispering Pines, just signed with Nancy Paulson at Penguin…how about some pics of the Penguin offices?

    Jan Kozlowski

  4. I loved Kristen Stewart in “Speak” – I thought she was so amazing. I have it on dvd and it is one of my favorites.

    I think she would be perfect for Lia if “Wintergirls” was ever made into a movie.

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