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  1. This is great, Laurie! Thanks for posting this. Working in the human services field to end interpersonal violence, I always appreciate information about all of the innovative things going on to make society safer for everyone. Good work!

    P.S. I loved that Lia is exploring her sexual orientation at the end of Wintergirls. How refreshing and real!

  2. I’m going to talk to my boys (AGAIN) about bullying and name-calling

    and to reinforce the message that love is love is love is love is love.

    Because they need to hear it from me and often.

  3. I couldn’t participate in the Day of Silence today due to several school-related reasons, but I did put a poster up right outside my door in the dorms. I also wrote a good message on my bulletin board about stopping the violence, prejudice, and hate in this world.

    Thank you for supporting Day of Silence. Seeing a role model participate gives me hope that future generations who admire you will also help support the cause.

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