Friday Five Linkety Love for You

1. Thank you everyone for the kind words about my vloging* attempt. Based on the feedback, I’ll be doing  lot more of this. In fact, I’ll be taking questions on my Twitter feed this afternoon, so if you have something you want me to answer on camera, let me know. I will try to post the next vlog tonight or tomorrow. You should subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a scintillating moment.

*blog + video = vlogging  I am still looking for a better word.

2. Many teachers and librarians wrote to say that Youtube is blocked at their schools. So I set up an account at TeacherTube. (If you are a member there, you’ll find me listed as lauriehalseanderson. I’m not terribly impressed with the site, I must say.)  I am in the process of setting up acounts at SchoolTube and, too. (I hope they are more functional than TeacherTube.)

3. I finished recording all the PSAs for next month’s 25th anniversary of School Library Month, thank goodness.

4. Have you read my guest blog on Why not? It explains why I call myself the Mad Woman in the Forest. While you are at, listen to the very short audio clip of me explaining the correct pronunciation of my name.

5. Just in time for Women’s History Month, check out this wonderful librarian’s review of INDEPENDENT DAMES. Although the publisher put "grades 2-6" on the jacket, I have long argued that it is perfect for middle school classrooms that are studying the American Revolution. This teacher agrees with me. What do you think?

2 Replies to “Friday Five Linkety Love for You”

  1. I never liked the word “vlog” but, eh, it is what it is I suppose!

    Also, being homeschooled through middle-school, we got to pick our forms of schooling rather than be held to the government’s standards of what is “age appropriate” and I totally would have read a book like that. Heck, I’m in college and would still want to read a book like that for school! Turning 13 does not automatically mean you’re over pretty pictures and interesting things as a means of learning.

  2. Vlog?

    I am probably too late for this, but still I want to comment on the word ‘vlog’. It is easy to get it mixed up with plain ole ‘blog’ in its verbal form. Not nice.

    What do you think of the word ‘videolog’? Too long? Not euphonious enough? Then, how about ‘vidlog’ or ‘vidblog’? I like the thought of vidblogging: it kind of sums up the best of both worlds. But then, I am not famous for having good taste… Well, good luck with your word search!

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