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  1. Just a short hello and note to let you know I’m queuing up as another reader of your lj. I found you through the writer’s digest blog, and although admittedly I didn’t know you or your works before (Mercy and forgiveness, please!) I enjoyed your tips and ideas a lot. So here I go 🙂


    Ch, who wanders off to write her daily pages.

    P.S.: A question always interesting me about anybody who writes: Do you have a certain number of words as daily goal?

  2. John Scalzi had a great suggestion — people should support the authors by buying books by Macmillan authors. He was quick to point out that he wasn’t hurting (neither am I), and wasn’t asking for sales for himself. There are a lot of folks out there who are barely making a living, and they are the ones who are getting hurt. (Especially genre authors with new releases.) You know how little trickles down to us.

    Another issue is that a lot of people seem to be angry with Macmillan. They think, thanks to Amazon’s response, that Macmillan wants all ebooks priced at $14.95 forever (as opposed to a price structure similar to printed book, dropping over time.)

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