Two Tips In One Day!

Good Solstice, everyone!

I feel like calling your main character Rudolph today. (Humor me.)

Revision Tip #20

Don’t make it too easy on Rudolph.

Your story should not be a tale of the desires of Rudolph. It should be the thwarted desires of Rudolph up until the very end, when finally, FINALLY, things go right, tho’ not in the way he originally thought they would.

For every desire, there should be an obstacle. Every step on the path leads to another detour.

Review your manuscript and make sure that poor Rudolph runs into obstacles over and over again. You fiend.

Revision Tip #21

1. Record yourself reading your manuscript aloud. The whole thing.

2. Listen to it with your manuscript in front of you (I am most comfortable with the printed-out version at this point.)

3. Pause whenever necessary to make notes on what needs fixing. This is when I find repeated words, awkward phrases and dropped plot points.

4. After a marathon listening session, go back in and finish all the repair work.

3 Replies to “Two Tips In One Day!”

  1. I tell my students to read their papers aloud because it’s the best way to catch errors and awkward writing. I’m excited to tell them a famous author backs me up on that!

  2. Hmm . . . I’ve read it aloud before, but never recorded it. I think I may have to give this a try. =D

    I’ve enjoyed these tips (even though I lurk more than I comment). Thanks so much!

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