Blog appearing soon.

Time has mysteriously condensed again.

I have been writing like, well, like a possessed crazy woman who lives in a forest. Tomorrow I hop a plane south so I can speak at the American Association of School Librarians in Charlotte, NC.

When I get back, I will have very happy news from overseas to share with you. Until then, keep writing, keep revising, keep scribbling!!!

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  1. England!????

    Okay, don’t leave us loyal followers hanging! Can we have a little hint? I know, I know. You are invited to Paris to be on Oprah and you are taking the Queen with you! And I don’t mean Queen Elizabeth!

    You really should write suspense novels!


  2. Have a blast!

    I’m participating in NaNoWriMo now, and wow, I haven’t written so much in a while!

    A few of my friends and I decided to make Twitter accounts to see if we can make NaNoWriMo a more popular topic than “New Moon” for the month of November. If you or any of your readers want to help out, just log onto Twitter and add the #nanowrimo tag to any messages you leave.

    Writers unite! (And dyslexics untie!)

  3. Speech at AASL

    What an important evening for Librarians! In your speech we felt the power of your advocacy, Laurie, a speech that left us breathless and wanting more. PLEASE post your speech here so we can share it with our colleagues.

    My best,
    Library Media in Venezuela

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