Kristen Stewart Speaks, a bit

Thanks to everyone who voted for Zoe in the last couple of weeks, and to everyone who put up with me blathering on about voting for Zoe in the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure she didn’t make the Top 5. We’ll know for sure in January. It was a blast to have a book that was even considered breakfast food for the mind; I’m a happy camper.

A Facebook Friend (thanks Chris!) pointed me to this interview with Kristen Stewart for Irish television. She mentions playing the lead in the SPEAK movie around the 4:30 mark.

Here is a Public Service Announcement Kristen made about college campus security and high rate of sexual assault at colleges.

And because I promised someone, here is a shot from the filming of SPEAK. That’s me in my world-famous role as "Lunch Lady." Kristen Stewart, as Melinda,  is standing with her back to the camera, about to go through the line to get her lunch. This is where my highly acclaimed, tension-filled moment "serves mashed potatoes" occurs. Really, when you think about it, it was the climax to the whole film.

Good Samhain to all! Now our world slips into the dark half of the year. We light candles and tell tales around the fire.

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  1. 1st – I hope Zoe gets in the box, so to speak… oh… SPEAK, yeah!

    Look at you there with Kristen, being all actressly. WOO HOO!!!! I loved SPEAK and can’t wait to see the movie, too!

  2. I’d always seen the potatoes as paying homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    Sorry Zoe slipped. I’d bet tons of people saw the cover when they went to the voting site, so that was good PR.

  3. Mmm, I really enjoyed the Speak movie!

    Sorry about Zoe. Every year at Christmas, I usually give a gift through some charity (like an Angel Tree/Toy Drive type thing), and I often donate a book – this year I’ll do my best to give Zoe. That way she will still end up in someone’s home who might not be getting a book otherwise!

    🙂 Sarah

  4. Wow that interview was painful to watch. Except when she mentioned Speak–she seemed to light up when she talked about that. But the rest–it seems it’d be hard to talk to her. She seems a bit jaded by the whole scene, maybe?

    LOVED your scene in Speak, by the way, Laurie. You were the best lunch lady ever.

  5. HOW COOL! I never realized that. *me crawling out from under a rock*

    Chris Farley USED to be my favorite lunch lady…but I think you might have replaced him! The poignancy of the potatoes was potent and I agree, it truly was climactic.

    The lunch ladies at my school rock, so good choice of characters! I suggest for your next appearance you should do an Alfred Hitchcock and stroll across the screen in a black suit, sans cigar! 🙂

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