I am going to try and steal as much writing time as I can today, so this will be short and sweet.

Want to hang out with me? Meet me at 6pm tomorrow night (10/29) at the Border’s in Newark, DE, where I’ll be talkingabout Wintergirls, answering questions, and probably drinking hot tea. 

You can’t make it to Delaware? Have no fear. You can watch a live, streaming video of the occasion on the Penguin POV website. You can even send in a question for me to answer.


Zoe is sad. Her hair droops and drizzles and trails behind her on the sidewalk. Her sad hair picks up fallen leaves and twigs and discarded acorn tops. Zoe’s chances of making it inside a Cheerios box are grim; she has been bumped out of the top five. There are a couple of other books in the running that are friends of hers (ALL THE WORLD and  T-REX IN THE LIBRARY), so that makes her feel better. A little better. Not much, honestly.

Zoe’s hair snags on a tree root that has broken through the sidewalk. (you have to imagine the artwork, it’s too early to wake up Ard and ask him to draw something.)

Zoe stops. Zoe stares.
Her hair twines around the root of the tree.
Zoe turns around. This tree – this magnificent, splendiferous, amazing tree, did not let a little thing like a concrete sidewalk keep it from reaching for the sky.
"We won’t either!" Zoe shouts.
Zoe’s hair bounces back. It curls, it swirls, it zooms!

Zoe decides that no matter how hard the fight, how high the odds, she will never give up.

You can’t give up either. You only have TWO MORE DAYS to vote!! You can put Zoe back in the Cheerios box where she belongs!!

1. Copy and paste the suggestions and voting guidelines below and send them to everyone you know. Post a link to your Twitter. Put it in your Facebook and Myspace status lines. Tweet. Shout. Storm. Spread the news – only two more days to help our favorite redhead!

2. Become a fan of Zoe on Facebook.

3. Go to Zoe’s website and play the Hair Basket Game while you are waiting for your friends to write back and thank you for sending them such an excellent suggestion.


2. In the bottom right corner, click on MORE BOOKS twice. (Yes, this is the tricky part. No, I don’t know why Zoe is buried at the absolute back of the pack. Kind of makes you feelsorry for her, huh?) That will take you to ZOE.

3. Click on the yellow box that says VOTE!

4. Notify every person you have ever met in your entire life to PLEASE VOTE FOR ZOE. I seriously mean that.

5. Do this every day until 11:59 pm Central Time, October 30. That is only a few more days!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the reading – I’ll definitely be there online.

    And I like Zoe’s attitude. It reminds me of this quote from James Lee Burke:

    You never quit. You can’t be discouraged. But, at the same time, a person should not fault himself for becoming discouraged. It’s going to happen. It’s natural. But you still have to commit yourself. You have to do something every day for your art.

  2. Aww this makes me sad. I actually live within driving distance of Newark, but can’t make it. It’d be bad form to skip a therapy session to go listen to a discussion about a book about the disease for which I am in therapy (did you follow that?).

    Take care with all of the book tour stuff. We fans want you to be healthy and happy 🙂

  3. Poor Zoe!

    I will still keep voting for her, but I think the voting area is poorly designed. Zoe is very last on the page (all by herself I might add) which just isn’t fair! They should have all the options on the page at the same time.


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