And now for something completely different…. (with apologies to Monty Python)

For the next two weeks, we here in the Forest are going to take a temporary break from the weighty topics of the day like censorship and the American Revolution. (Fear not, I promise to return to them with renewed vigor after the end of the month!)

For the next two weeks, we are going to talk about, write about, dream about and VOTE FOR ZOE!!!

THE HAIR OF ZOE FLEEFENBACHER GOES TO SCHOOL – which will just be shortened to ZOE for the next two weeks – is a silly, wonderful story about a first grade girl who has hair that can do incredible things… including getting her in trouble. It’s a book about the need to honor children for who they are, instead of forcing them to fit into prefabricated boxes. It’s also a story about learning how to compromise and why rules are important.

AND… it has illustrations by the amazing Ard Hoyt!

Zoe might wind up inside a box of Cheerios. Actually, if she gets enough votes, ZOE will wind up inside about one million cereal boxes!!! How cool is that? A kid sits down to breakfast and winds up with a book!!!


There are 13 books competing for the 5 finalist positions. All of the five finalists will wind up in the cereal boxes. You vote once a day for the next two weeks for your favorite five, which I sure as heck hopes includes our girl, ZOE.


1. Go to the voting page.

2. In the bottom right corner, click on MORE BOOKS twice. That will take you to ZOE.

3. Click on the yellow box that says VOTE!

4. Notify all of your friends, neighbors, family members, the folks at church or temple or mosque or other house of faith, the rest of the PTA, the people at the firehouse, everyone in your classroom, and tell them all pretty, pretty please with a headful of unruly red hair, PLEASE VOTE FOR ZOE.

5. Do this every day until the end of October.

I will be blogging all about the writing and publication process of ZOE for the next two weeks. And Ard Hoyt has sent me a note that I’ll post explaining what the process was like for him. So the next two weeks at this blog will be one part tutorial in picture book creation, three parts silliness, and seven parts encouraging people to please, please, please vote for Zoe.

I also need help coming up with a fun, outrageous thing to do if ZOE wins. Any suggestions?

TOMORROW: The Idea For Zoe

14 Replies to “VOTE FOR ZOE!!!”

  1. Zoe

    Done! Posted to my FB as well. Have read them all and Zoe is the one children want to have breakfast with. What a great way to start the day!

  2. I’m reading this book to my six year old daughter EVERY NIGHT! We love the part where the hair comforts during nap time! And the illustrations!!! Awesome!

    I will go vote every day… and I’ll pass it on!

  3. Found this via your Twitter and I really like the Zound of Zoe. 😉 I’ve voted and plan to continue doing so, because free stuff in cereal is far far better when it’s brilliant and a BOOK!!!!!! (I used to read the nutritional information over breakfast if I wasn’t trying to spoon cornflakes into my mouth while reading).

  4. Just voted, and you’re #3 with a bullet.

    And for a fun, outrageous thing to do if ZOE wins… shampoo in maple syrup, fluff it up like Zoe’s hair, add huge amounts of Cheerios, and stand outside for the squirrels.

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