Oh, september, how I have longed for thee!

I have a chapter to work on today. If I get it done before the sun goes down, I’m going to harvest more basil and make enough pesto to get us through the winter.

(Note to self: ask husband when the wood splitter is coming…)

A few links to amuse and enlighten you whilst I pick and peck away.

Swati Avasthi (remember that name!) has written about meeting me (which made me blush), and also posted an interview with me on her new blog,

Are you feeling brave this morning? Fortified by your beverage of choice? Taken all your meds? Then hike over to The Intern’s Blog for a cold dose of publlshing reality delivered with wicked snark and honesty.

And finally, weigh in with your opinions: what if independent bookselling were like professional football?

5 Replies to “September!!”

  1. Wow, August… Really!?!?

    I defiantly just came to your blog thinking it was still August and that there would be another prompt. I can’t believe its September already.

  2. transitions

    How do you get through transition chapters (ie, when a lot of time passes) without falling into information dump syndrome?

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