WFMAD Day 29 – the challenges of color

Yesterday was a low energy day for me, perfect for a day spent running errands and doing the tedious and necessary things in life one must do. Bah. Now they’re over with.

My reward was to make the best pesto I have ever made with basil from my garden and fresh garlic grown by a guy near the village. This is a lean month here in the Forest and the price of pine nuts was too hight, so I used finely chopped walnuts instead. If the writing goes well today, I will make up a massive batch of pesto and freeze it. (Last year’s frozen pesto was a little disappointing. But I have figured out what I did wrong. Don’t add the cheese to any pesto you are going to freeze; it messes up the consistency a bit when thawed. This year I’ll add the cheese to pesto once it is defrosted.)

The other reward from the garden last night was boiled potatoes. I sort of accidentally on purpose unearthed a bunch when checking on them. I’ve never grown potatoes before and am very excited by these. I think we’ll have enough to store… maybe enough to feed us through the winter. Stay tuned.


Today’s advice: "I think it’s bad to talk about one’s present work, for it spoils something at the root of the creative act.  It discharges the tension."  Norman Mailer


Today’s prompt: This is about perspective and age. Brace yourself for the scroll-down.

1. Write a list of ten objects you can see from where you are sitting right now.

2. Now write a list of ten more objects. The first ten items that drop into your mind.

now scroll down….

scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…..

::opens refrigerator:: did I mention how awesome this pesto is?

almost done scrolling!! ::wipes pesto off keyboard::

3. Describe the color of the objects you listed from the perspective of a five-year-old.

3a. Describe the color of the objects you listed from the perspective of a fifteen-year-old.

3b. Describe the color of the objects you listed from the perspective of an eighty-year-old.

Because they have different life experiences and cultural contexts, they will see (and probably experience) the colors differently.

Bonus points: Write a scene where two of these characters disagree about the name of the color of one of your objects.

Scribble….Scribble…. Scribble…

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  1. pesto

    Thanks on the tip re: freezing pesto. I was planning to make some & freeze. enjoy!

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