WFMAD Day 26 – contagious and miserable

I’m struggling with both allergies and some kind of stomach bug, so don’t come too close.

I am tempted to ramble on in horrifying detail about the various sensations and infestations and colonies of bacteria all busy breeding a world under my skin, but frankly, I don’t have the energy. I’m going to post this blog and curl up with a nice tome about 18th-century surgical techniques.

Be sure to read this interview with poet/photographer/picture book wizard, Charles R. Smith Jr.

Do you have any thoughts about this map of book banning and challenges?


Today’s advice: "Stay away from all other human beings because they will just make you sick."  Me

Today’s writing advice: "Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions." Mark Twain

(If you are in the mood for an essay, compare and contrast today’s two quotes.)


Today’s prompt: (This is a good one. Feeling like something the cat threw up inspires me.)

1. Pick a fairy tale.

2. Write your own version of it.

3. Start with "Once upon a time…" (Read the opening to my book, Prom, if you want.)

4. Write a modern and or twisted version of the story.

Extra Bonus Points: Keep it under 750 words and set it in picture book format.

Crown of Gold Award: Illustrate it, too.


14 Replies to “WFMAD Day 26 – contagious and miserable”

  1. No banning in Utah? Interesting.

    I wonder how representative that is of books that are actually available – if censorship is happening at a higher, invisible level where decisions are being made not to put certain books into libraries in the first place. The one thing a challenge does let us know is that the book was there to begin with.

  2. Interesting

    Another reason to love Google and Google Maps. Pretty proud and stoked that Tallahassee hasn’t banned/challenged any books in the past two years. I like to think it’s because of our awesomely unique(ish) population of academics, politicians, hippies, and generally democratic residents.

    This would be even better if it covered more years or if there were other maps that covered more years.

  3. Only one book in Maine:

    (2008) Robie Harris’ It’s Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health was removed by a patron because of her objections to the book’s sexual content. Other patrons donated 4 copies of the book, which remain in circulation today.

    That’s something to feel good about. And for another offset to your bacterial blahs, this weekend will hardly reach 70 degrees – I’m getting chills (the good kind) just thinking about getting chills (the other good kind).

  4. For all our liberal intellectual sneerage about the South and the Midwest, it bugs me that the concentration of markers is in the northeast and industrial belt.

    Feel better! WINTERGIRLS was great!

  5. I too suffer from allergies, so I completely feel your pain. I hope you feel better too! Thanks for all the writing prompts. I’ve been stuck in such a rut, and they have really been helping me. 🙂

  6. Loving the quotes…

    …and another great idea. Thanks! I’m so gonna rewrite Rapunzel today. She always got on my nerves -the indolent bitch is far too passive

  7. Great Stuff!

    Thanks for the adorable ideas. I think I may try the rewriting a fairytale idea. I love classic fairy tales and I don’t know how I could make them any better, but I think I might be able to put a modern spin on a few. Sounds like fun, I think I will try it. Thanks for the great share!

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