WFMAD Day I am not sure anymore

It amuses me how difficult I find it to stay on top of the days this summer!

They didn’t have horseradish for sale at the farmer’s market yet, so I bought 4 pecks of peaches and 3 pails (1 pail = about 8 quarts) of blueberries. The OfficeMouse made a delicious peach and blueberry cobbler last night. The blueberries and some of the peaches are destined for the freezer. I might make some peach jam and can some of the peaches, though the thought of heating up my kitchen when it is so hot outside is rather unpleasant.

One of the reasons I love living up here on the Tundra is that I truly LIKE cold weather. When it gets up to 90 degrees plus humidity, I turn into a grumpy, snarling madwoman. We only get that kind of weather for a week or two a year, so it’s not worth buying an air conditioner. So I will make jam and retreat to the basement when I get too sticky.


Today’s advice: “Write straight into the emotional center of things. Write toward vulnerability. Don’t worry about appearing sentimental. Worry about being unavailable; worry about being absent or fraudulent.” Anne Lamott


Today’s prompt: Send your character into the world of her parents; unknown territory. She has to search through a parent’s desk in order to find something mundane. She is not supposed to go into the desk. What does she find there that will change the way her parents look to her? How will it change her?

If you don’t have a character young enough for parents, then have your character going through the desk of a friend, or a lover, or a boss. Or imagine yourself going through the desk of a friend, lover, or boss… or maybe one of your children.

Be sure to focus on the tiniest details; how did the sand get in the bottom left drawer? How old are those stamps? What does that key open?


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  1. Know what I like about this prompt? It encourages us to go past the obvious answer, the easy, to delve for something deeper in the character’s past. For example: Sand in the desk. Here on the coast, sand is ubiquitous but there is no clay, so if my MC were to find flakes of dried clay in her father’s desk…

  2. What I found funny was, you wrote sand in the bottom left drawer. I found my son’s bottom dresser drawer filled will sand. He rubbed all his sandstones together to make it. Don’t have to imagine that part of a story. Haha

  3. Speak

    just finish reading this book about 10 mintues ago and wanted to post about it! GREATEST BOOK EVER! I could do without the curse words (im only 10) and all that but… it was good. I was at my cabin and saw it and thought this is going to be one of those books that you read halfway and ya’ quit. But I kept reading and liked it alot! 5 stars out of 5 (5 bein the worse… kidding haha) well got to go! bye

  4. Laurie,

    It’s hot and sticky in NH, too.
    Can’t. Deal.
    Wish. Basement. Was. Clean. Enough. For. Escape.

    By the way, my 16-year-old teenage girl, Dawn, found a hidden talisman in the drawer. And, boy, does that turn my plot around!

    Thanks for the prompts!

  5. When it gets this hot, I turn into a grumpy, snarling madwoman, too, and I’m not even a woman. In fact, I used to move my desk down cellar each summer, and type away with my bare feet on the concrete floor, but now I just keep it there all year round. In the winter that means fingerless gloves, but I sure do love the cold.

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