Time Travel

I am getting ready to beam back to the 1740s. Am bringing my own toilet paper.

I will answer the questions that came in over the weekend upon my return. While I’m gone, can you please post links to the best blogging done about BEA this year?

Also, if YOU were beaming back to the American colonies in the 1740s, what would you bring?

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  1. Laurie:
    I followed the Publishers Weekly pages re: BEA updates.
    See http://www.publishersweekly.com/Community/BookExpo+America/49050.html

    They made themselves very busy keeping in touch with their readers. (Or would that be “reader” as in.. me… since everyone else seemed to be there while I -read- about their fabulous life?) ;>

    This is not the time or place for me to talk about my toilet paper obsession. {} Let’s put it this way. I give hotel housekeepers hefty bribes to keep my bathroom fully stocked.

    You never know when you’re going to run out.

    THAT would be my worst fear. Well that and a mouse in the room.

    And for the record: No schmooze. Best brand ever? Scotts. Come check out my linen closet. You will see I put my money where my er, well, mouth is.

    Are we done pouting yet? Is it safe to go back in the water? {}

    -Pamela, who often wonders what people used in 1740 in outhouses… but not sure I want to know the answer…

  2. I would definitely bring my own writing tools… I don’t think I could ever master the art of writing with a quill dipped in ink… and there is no way I could go without writing.

  3. Besides toilet paper? Shampoo, soap, deoderant, toothbrush & paste, eyebrow liner, a camera, and a decent pen and lots of writing paper. The penicillin and the coffee are great ideas. Maybe some dried fruit or GORP? And a way to get back.

  4. 1740s

    I would bring a pen and a notebook or something like that. I would DEFINATELY like to write about my visit there.

  5. Hmm…
    -computer (I’d go crazy without being able to write, but I guess I could find paper and a pen there, so)
    -medication (dying would be kind of bad)
    -toilet (because THAT’S going to fit in a suitcase, which leaves me with…)
    -bug spray

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