Really… I still blog

I was in LA for the Festival of Books all weekend, came home sick, and am now preparing to leave again tomorrow.

But I swear to you I will post a blog today!

Until then, I have a question: I have a picture book coming out next month. A silly one. Are any of you interested in me discussing the timeline of the creation of the story and the tangled tale of its eventual publication?

17 Replies to “Really… I still blog”

  1. Picture book timeline

    I, too, would be interested in hearing the story of how your new picture book came to fruition!

  2. Absolutely! I wish to glean everything I can about the actual process of creating and producing literature. I’ve held onto some rather romanticized notions of what it means to be a writer for too long. Now that I have stopped fighting my heart on my dream to become a published author, I would like to replace the idealized fantasies with real world information to arm myself for the real dramas …in preparation for once I actually complete a writing project worthy of publication, of course. 😛

  3. In answer to your question……….yes please………

    Be careful in your travels with the horible Swine Flu spreading.

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