Still llovely in Llima

Am dashing off to the school today. Will try and post blog and photos from the weekend tonight.

One fascinating point – most of the web pages I look at are coming up in Spanish first, like MySpace and Facebook. LJ comes up in English.

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  1. I am a student of FDR..

    ..and quite possibly the only one with a livejournal. I was part of the sophmore group that you met with. I thought (and no offense meant) that you were going to be enthusiastic but dull. I was pleasently suprised to find you were genuinely funny and interesting. People laughed, had a good time, missed period 4 (thanks for sparing me from economics by the way). My friend remembers you from when she lived in Warsaw.
    We were the two Gaiman girls. Not sure if you remember.

  2. Peru

    How cool that you’re in Peru! Totally wish I could be in a spanish speaking country! Entiendo un poco de espanol y hablo un poco más. 🙂

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