In brief

Day was great – saw many old friends, made new ones, ate fish tacos, signed too many books to count, and much more.

But I cannot give details because it’s already 10:20pm.

My wake-up call comes at 3:30 am.


3 Replies to “In brief”

  1. Don’t Worry…

    Saturday is almost here! You are doing an awesome job! Keep thinking of all the teens, teachers, and librarians who love you. You are inspirational and a gift.

  2. Changing Hands, Tempe AZ

    Hi again – this is Tom from Phoenix, thank you for such a great presentation tonight under so little sleep! (I hope your trip to SLC was short and comfy.) Thanks for taking the time to talk with my wife Joy and me, it was affirming and a great time. So awesome to meet you finally!
    ~ Tom

  3. Twisted Sequel?????

    I LOVED TWISTED but hated the ending please is there going to be a sequel i dont usually read books and i read this one could not put it down finished it in two days i want another book. I mean it was such a disapponitment what happened with Bethany how did his life go what about chip Pleas i want a Sequel PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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