We are our history and our future

This is a day of celebration for all Americans.

I’ll be watching the Inauguration with Isabel and Curzon from Chains. We’ll be crying and dancing for joy.

7 Replies to “We are our history and our future”

  1. I was thinking about your wonderful book today and about the NPR story the other day about the slaves and indentured servants who helped build the White House.

    It is simply amazing. Welcome Obama!

  2. I’m Canadian and as such probably can’t claim to be as excited as most Americans, but . . . I’m over the moon. And amazed and a tiny bit scared about what could happen if security is lax or if Obama’s too nice to someone or any such thing. Because it IS fantastic and incredible but there are a few out there who disagree. I just hope that they don’t get to lash out.

    So, excited, thrilled, and hoping that everything goes as well as it should.

  3. I assume you are eating bowls and bowls of popcorn too?

    Enjoy your day! We are having a little party here at work. I don’t think much work will be getting done today.

  4. watching with Isabel

    I read Chains this past week and felt Isabel watching too. It felt right that Barak Obama quoted Thomas Paine. Isabel would have approved!

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