Snow, Miami, and Hope

In the last 24 hours, we’ve gotten about a foot and half of snow. This makes our snowfall for the season so far at about eleven and half feet, which is pretty much average. Our meadow and forest are beautiful and serene and I am writing by the fire. Life is pretty good.

But some of you shudder at the thought of all that snow (yes, OfficeMouse, looking at you) and this is an all-inclusive kind of blog, so I’ll warm your day with a picture of happy authors at the Miami Book Festival, courtesy of author Greg Neri.

From the left (note the shorts) we have a super-nice guy whose name I can’t remember, poet Lee Bennett Hopkins, Heather Henson, Greg, and me. Note that I am not wearing shorts.

I’ll be writing and taking care of family business this weekend, but every moment I will be anticipating Tuesday’s historic and blessed Inauguration of our new President. I feel like I am watching history unfold with Isabel standing to one side of me and Curzon on the other, all three of us celebrating this incredible country.

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