Come see me tonight or Saturday!

Two last events on the CHAINS tour….

TONIGHT! RIVER’S END BOOKSTORE, OSWEGO, NY, 5:30 PM! Come out and help me celebrate this amazing year. While you’re there, buy Christmas gifts that your loved ones will actually enjoy instead of regifting next year. BUY BOOKS FROM AN INDEPENDENT BOOKSELLER!


(Yes, I am a little tired. And punchy. And I am amusing myself by speaking and writing in CAPITALIZED AND BOLDFACED WORDS!!!)

Tomorrow I am driving to PA and hanging out at the school where Daughter #3 is a student-teacher.


I’ll be speaking at the MORAVIAN BOOKSHOP IN BETHLEHEM, PA!! AT 6PM!!! If you live in the Philadelphia area, make the drive – it’s not that long and there are a ton of local, independently owned businesses in Bethlehem (i.e. the kinds of small town businesses that will regenerate our economy, thank you very much) and after you spend most of your money on books, you can pick up some other neat odds and ends for stockings.

After Saturday, I am going to crawl under the covers and sleep until Spring. But before I do, I promise to post lots of links to news about CHAINS and the early reviews of WINTERGIRLS…..

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  1. Hey there – I’ll have “momma q’s” and “lil q’s” books for you to sign at River’s End since they can’t see you due to work…see you and BH later.

  2. ALAN and Wintergirls

    Hi Laurie! I know I told you at ALAN, but I wanted to say again that I thought Wintergirls was REMARKABLE! I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but there’s a great review on BOOK BAG (a website in the UK). Here’s the link: . One of my students signed it out yesterday, so I’m excited to hear her feedback. I’m pretty sure it will be making the rounds of my girls in the next few weeks.

    I also want to thank you again for writing that awesome note to my student, Drew! I got him started on Speak on Tuesday (before the note actually arrived– it was in one of the boxes I shipped home) and he’s still reading it. I am still working on getting a pic of him with the note to send to you. BTW, he just finished reading this hour and we were talking about it. He said that, “If I was going to write a book, that’s how I would write it.”

  3. I enjoyed Chains, but not overly much; historical fiction even from my favorite author can only take me so far. But I can tell how much work you put into it! It’s well done, and it sounds like it’s been well-received, and I look forward to the sequel. On the other hand I am perversely excited for Wintergirls. Is the cover of the advance copy going to be the actual cover or is it just a sort of placer?

  4. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night!
    I havent picked up Chains yet, which was a lot harder to do than I’d expected. Def. looking forward to reading it!

  5. Seconds about the Moravian Bookshop. It’s a great place! And about Bethlehem in general. Some fine old architecture, nice restaurants, and when I was there in the summer, a good itinerant brass and string band playing a few tunes at each spot along the main commercial street.

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