Book Tour Day 22 – Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yesterday was the quietest day of the tour – I gave a writing workshop to teens through the Miami Book Fair then headed for the airport and the plane to New Orleans.

Note to self: no more prepackaged sushi at airports. Eat sushi only where you can watch it made!

The good thing I consumed at the airport?

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Cuban coffee. Café cubano con espumita deliciosa!

I’ll be visiting four schools today, then I have the store event, and dinner with some professors. I don’t know how much of the actual city I will be able to see while being driven from one place to another. While I was riding in from the airport last night, the full moon rose – a jubilant, charming moon – and shone down on the streets of this special place.

TODAY’S EVENT: Friday, November 14 at 4:30 pm: Octavia Books 504-899-7323

5 Replies to “Book Tour Day 22 – Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. While you’re in N’awlins you should try a Cafe au Lait since you enjoyed the Cuban coffee so much. Or just a good ole coffee and chickory. Then again, maybe you’ve had some before, but it’s always nice to have again.

  2. St. George’s

    Dear Laurie,
    Thank you so much for visiting our school this afternoon! My students absolutely loved your talk… I can claim Miss Anna-Bell (the post-it wearing self-proclaimed stalker fan)as one of my 5th graders; all she could manage for the rest of the day was gushing about how wonderful you are! I can guarantee that we all feel the same despite our lack of post-its stuck to our heads. Thanks again, safe travels, and if you’re ever back in town, please stop by for another visit!
    Katie Forshag

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