Book Tour Day 19 – Ode to Grits

Happy Veteran’s Day who all who have served our country, especially my nephew Ryan!

One of the best things about coming to the South is the food.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Breakfast just isn’t a meal here unless you eat grits. I’ve avoided the sausage and biscuits, and fried everything, but I cannot resist a bowl of grits with pepper. Heavenly.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here is the best photo from yesterday, two kids diving into CHAINS. I visited three middle schools: a public school, a private school, and a parochial school. They were all fantastic.

My Author Nanny here is Ed, and he braved the Atlanta traffic to get me to five stock signings and he snuck in a quick visit for us to the Decature Farmer’s Market, which is not your average farmer’s market. It emphasizes foods from around the world, like Indian eggplant and durian.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic After the market we headed to the Little Shop of Stories, a visit arranged by Terra McVoy seen here. She has a book coming out in the Spring that I suspect we’ll all be talking about, but I promised her I’d wait before I went into details.

No public events for me until Friday! Gah! But don’t fear, I have plenty to do. More Atlanta schools and stock signings today, a flight to Miami tonight, and then two days of school visits down there as part of the Miami Book Festival.

12 Replies to “Book Tour Day 19 – Ode to Grits”

  1. Grits

    My husband (a border state Southerner) got a chuckle watching me (his Northern-raised wife) the first time he plopped some grits on my plate! But, you are right – it is a Southern tradition not to be missed.

  2. Laurie~
    I had a great time seeing you again. You charged my writer’s battery and I’m back in the cave of revision. Just started CHAINS-I’m already in love!


  3. Thanks for coming to Elkins Pointe today. Your presentation was engaging and a joy to listen to.

    The points you make about reconciling our ideas about this country’s history with the actual truth are something that I struggle with too. As an antidote, I recommend Sarah Vowell’s Partly Cloudy Patriot. She is hilarious and has a way of finding all the ironies.

    I wish my daughter could have heard you too. The 7th graders got the shaft on that one.

    mom to Lizzie (you signed a couple of books for us)

  4. Laurie! I had originally waited to e-mail you until you said that your e-mail was fixed, but I haven’t seen you mention it. I sent you an e-mail on Saturday, but I got a response saying that it went undelivered. Have you gotten anything from me?

    I hope that things continue to go well in the South!


  5. Hey there-
    I am also doing the school circuit for the Miami Book Fest, so maybe we’ll cross paths at some point… it’s been fun so far!

  6. Elkins Pointe Visit

    WOW! WOW! I loved your presentation and I am so honored that you came to my school. I wish every student had been able to come but at least the ones that couldn’t come could tune in to the TV and see you anyway. You inspired me to write because I thought it had to be perfect right from the start. Now I know that writing grows and changes as the story forms in your heart. Thank you.

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