Book Tour Day ? – What’s My Name?

I haven’t had Internet access recently, hence the lack of posts. That, and by the end of today, I will have spoken to 3,000 students in 3 days. But they were nice kids and I had a blast. I’m just a little…. disoriented. Befuddled.

But not so confused that I can’t remember good news!

CHAINS has been named one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Books of 2008.

CHAINS has also been named to the Amazon Top Ten of 2008 List.

This is the end of Week Three of the Tour and I need to do laundry. And I miss my husband. And, yes, the dog. So after my South Hadley, MA events today, I’ll be driving home for a couple of days. I head back on the road Sunday evening. (I’ll post the rest of this week’s photos this weekend, I promise.)

Next week: THE SOUTH – Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Apparently, the Creature With Fangs misses me, too, that’s why she sent me this picture.

12 Replies to “Book Tour Day ? – What’s My Name?”

  1. Congratulations on the fabulous PW and Amazon news! And I hope you have a blast in the South. If you ever make it back, see if they’ll add Birmingham to your list! (selfish motivation–it’s only an hour away from me)

    Oh, and your puppy is just precious. Bless her little heart 😉

  2. that picture is SO adorable. i purchased chains last night, got about 90 pages into it before falling asleep. i’m enjoying it so far, hopefully I will find an opportunity to use it at school (or push it on some of the english teachers). i love all the historical facts…i like reading about how people lived long before we were born.

  3. I was up half the night reading Chains until I finally pulled myself away from it, and I just finished it now–what an amazing story… (and I love all the historical language–especially the word “brainpan”). Simply amazing how the history is woven seamlessly with the story.

  4. yep, that’s me. Thanks again for signing the book (and of course for writing it), it is really quite astounding. 🙂

  5. Loved IT!

    Chains was amazing. I just finished reading it tonight, and I know now why it has received so much noteriety. Thanks for a great read. I can’t wait to share it with the 7th graders that I teach.

    Anne Shealy
    St. Matthews, SC

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