Book Tour Day 11 – Recombobulation

Friday was mostly a travel day. At the Milwaukee airport I went through security and came across the best airport sign I’ve seen in a long time.

The Recombobulation Area is where you pull yourself together after having been discombobulated (removing shoes, jacket, laptop from your backpack, etc.). Brilliant!

Two more quick shots. I found this in my hotel room.

Pretty, right? It gets better.

A chocolate box! Loaded with M&Ms! Thank you, Delaware!

TODAY’S EVENT: Saturday, November 1: several appearances during the day: Delaware Book Festival, Dover, DE.

MONDAY’S EVENT: November 3 at 7:00 pm: Barnes & Noble, McLean, VA 703-506-2937

20 Replies to “Book Tour Day 11 – Recombobulation”

  1. what a geat treat!

    a cookie box of M&Ms – it doesn’t get much better for a hotel stay.

  2. Who knew airport people had such a sense of humor? Love it. And the chocolate box.

    And CHAINS! I just started it last night after handing out the last of the Halloween candy. On chapter IV so far and can’t wait to keep reading…

  3. speak trailer contest

    I just wanted to let you know that I posted my SPEAK trailer contest entry last night and sent an e-mail to office mouse, but I just got a message from postmaster this morning alerting me that delivery of the message has been delayed.
    Here’s the link for my trailer:

    By the way, that chocolate box is amazing.

  4. I’m running a book club for my local teens, and our first meeting was today. One of the books I suggested to them was Chains–it was beat out by a slight margin by The Shadow Thieves, but only because Shadow Thieves has Greek mythology.

    It was decided that Chains would be the second book we would read, to give the local bookstores and libraries more time to get copies available.

    Just wanted to give you an FYI. The girls were really excited about it.

  5. TWISTED trailer contest

    My students are desperate – we have emailed you several links to contest entries, all of which have been returned saying we can’t connect to your server. HELP!!

  6. TWISTED trailer contest Pt. 2

    PLEASE HELP!! All of these were sent to your officemouse via email as entries for your TWISTED trailer contest; however, all were returned due to being unable to connect to your server. (I have resent each several times with the same result.) Each was posted to YouTube and emailed to you prior to the contest deadline.

    If you are interested in any of these videos, please email me at My students worked very hard on them, and for them to be denied entry into the contest due to an email error would break my heart.

    Thank you so very much,
    Colleen Kiah
    English Teacher
    The Career Academy

  7. Re: TWISTED trailer contest Pt. 2

    Thank you Colleen!!!

    The server seems to have lost its mind since I left on booktour. My OfficeMouse is trying to fix it.

    All of your students’ videos will be considered.

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